Episode 4: Professor Heidi Kolk - August 12, 2020

Episode 4 August 12, 2020 00:38:50
Episode 4: Professor Heidi Kolk - August 12, 2020
Carver Cast: Season 1
Episode 4: Professor Heidi Kolk - August 12, 2020

Aug 12 2020 | 00:38:50


Show Notes

This week's episode features Heidi Kolk, assistant professor at the Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts and Assistant Vice Provost of Academic Assessment.  Professor Kolk holds an MA and PhD in English and American Literature from Washington University in St. Louis, and a BA in fine arts from Hope College. She serves as a faculty fellow for the Carver Project.


The Carver Cast engages with Christian faculty in higher education and highlights the work of those faculty to bridge connections between university, church, and society. In doing so, it seeks to disrupt simultaneously perceptions that Christians are “anti-intellectual” and that higher education is “anti-Christian.” Tune in for a wide-ranging discussion with faculty around the country, with mediocre production quality but excellent content!

Penina Laker and John Inazu are Carver Project faculty fellows and members of the faculty at Washington University in St. Louis, where Laker is assistant professor of communication design and Inazu is a professor of law and religion.

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